Changing department display of the Sansan Scanner from a file

By importing a CSV file containing the departments to be displayed on the Sansan Scanner, you can change the department display all at once.
* To use this function, administrator level permission is required.



1. Click on "Admin Settings", then on "Sansan scanner departments".


2. Click on "Import from File".


3. Click on "Write into File".


4. Select the Character Code and Divider Between Items, and then click on "Write". For the Character Code, select either "Shift-JIS" or "UTF-8", and for Divider Between Items, select either Comma, Semicolon, Tab, or Space.


5. Edit the information in the file you output.


6. Select the file you created or edited.


7. Check the contents of the file. Adjust the Character Code and Divider Between Items.


8. Click on "Start import".


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