Salesforce integration FAQs


Preparation, Settings

Settings in Salesforce

Q. When I tried to make custom buttons on Salesforce, I got the following error(s). What should I do?
"Field Account.BizCardId_c does not exist"
"Field Contact.BizCardId_c does not exist"
"Field Lead.BizCardId_c does not exist"

Q. The "New" button is not displayed on the Custom Fields & Relationships screen of Salesforce, so I cannot make custom fields. What should I do?



Q. From the Sansan Connecting with external services screen, I got the following error. What should I do?
"You have no authority to use the Salesforce connections. Please contact your administrator to connect to Salesforce."

Q. For authenticating the Salesforce account, do I need a security token?

Q. "1. Salesforce account authentication" in Sansan failed. What should I do?


Transfer User Settings

Q. Must each user do the Sansan settings?

Q. Will the Sansan "Business card holder" go into the Salesforce "Owner" field?

Q. Can a Sansan user who does not have a Salesforce account still transfer business cards?


Transfer conditions

Q. I would like to make Salesforce Accounts for individual departments. How can I do that?

Q. With data already registered in Salesforce, I would like to not have a double of a Contact created. How can I do that?

Q. Will data transferred from Sansan be registered as a new record in Salesforce?

Q. Can Sansan data only write over blank data fields in Salesforce?

Q. Will business card data in the system from before the start of data transfer also be se

Q. Can tags be sent?

Q. Will the only address item transferred to Salesforce be "Address 1"?

Q. Can we transfer data to custom fields we set in Salesforce?

Q. Can we send "Department" in Sansan to Lead in Salesforce?


Transfer test

Q. The following error occurred. What should I do?
"You do not have access privilege to the field in Salesforce. Field names you do not have access to:XX. Please set access privilege for the following fields.".

Q. The following error occurred. 「Error code: INVALID_OR_NULL_FOR_RESTRICTED_PICKLIST」 What should I do?


After transferring start

Starting and Stopping Transfer

Q. What is the difference between the "Target Salesforce user for Transfer" in "2. Transfer User Settings" on the Connecting with External Services screen, and the one in "4. Starting and Stopping Transfer"?

Q. After we finish the settings for integration with Salesforce, do we need to do anything special when we scan in new cards to have them transferred to Salesforce?

Q. After the settings for integration with Salesforce are complete, will cards be transferred there automatically?


Transfer timing

Q. Business cards are not being automatically transferred yet. What should I do?

Q. If a Salesforce record has been deleted, will the data again be transferred in by Sansan?

Q. When automatically sending, can a business card once sent to Salesforce be sent ag



Q. Will business cards that were put into Sansan by a smartphone camera also be automatically transferred to Salesforce?

Q. Can private cards also be transferred to Salesforce?

Q. Can the Organization Tree be transferred to Salesforce?

Q. When data transfer of business cards to Salesforce is complete, is there a notification sent to the user?

Q. Will Opportunities and Reports information also be transferred?

Q. If multiple Sansan users scan business cards of the same person, will duplicate records be created in Salesforce?

Q. Business cards data transferred to Salesforce has been registered as a separate Account. Why did this happen?