The differences between shared, private, and public tags


Here we will explain the levels of openness for each tag. Tags can be divided into two groups, "shared tags" and "my tags". The range of tags that can be added depends on whether you or someone else is the maker of the tag. When making tags, please set them according to how you want to use them.

○:Yes (can be used)、☓: No (cannot be used)、△: Some (can only be used by person with clearance to update all data)

* For more details about settings for clearance, see here.

* When business cards are set to be viewed only privately, even a person with clearance to update all data cannot use this).

Tag management screen display

Tag management can be seen from "Tag", then "Tag management".

Shared tag (Tags that can be used by yourself and other people)

Shared tags will be displayed on the Tag management screen under the "shared tags" tab as a list including tags made by other users.

My tag (Tag made by yourself)

Public and private tags made by yourself will be displayed as a list from the "My tag" tab. A lock icon will be displayed for private tags next to the tag name.

Other users' tags (tags made by other people)

Tags made by other users will be displayed in a list on the "Other user's tags" tab.

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