For those using App Exchange to integrate with Salesforce (How to switch to the new method of doing this)

There is a new way of integrating Sansan and Salesforce.
If you would like to use this new method of integration, you can do the settings from "Admin Settings", "Integration with Other Services". However, if the Salesforce tab is not displayed on the screen below, the new Salesforce integration function has not been turned on.


For those considering using this new method

With the new method, business card date received data and tag data be transferred to Salesforce, and you can automatically have data transferred to not only Leads but also to Accounts and Contacts. For an explanation of differences between the old and new methods, see here.

*What to be aware of when switching from the old method to the new method

  • After switching, you will need to do initial settings again.
  • Blank fields in Sansanit does not write over corresponding fields in Salesforce as blank fields.
  • Memos in Sansan will not be added to "Description" in Salesforce, they will overwrite.
  • From the Sansan screen, you cannot search for cards that have already been sent to Salesforce.


How to switch to the new method

If the Salesforce tab was not displayed in the screen above, it will be necessary for the Sansan Support Center to do some tasks for you to switch over. Please contact the Sansan Support Center with the contents listed below.

Subject: Using Salesforce integration (new method)

We would like to switch to the new method of integrating with Salesforce.
Company name on contract:
Contact person:
Email address of contact person:

* Please have the Sansan administrator in your company contact us.
* If you are using multiple contract in the same company (for groups companies, etc.), please get the permission of each contact person for all contracts, and put them in the CC field.
* Please understand that the settings will take at least two business days.