Sansan Scanner Set

【The Sansan Scanner Set】

Sansan also has pay-for-use storage plans. One of these is for purchasing business card storage, and the other is for renting a scanner set. Here is shown how to rent a scanner set.

【Details of the scanner set】
・Sansan will send a scanner set to companies that oder the scanner set. Multiple users can use their different accounts with just one scanner set. Using the scanner is much more efficient than taking pictures of business cards with a smartphone.
・By using the exclusive software in the scanner set, you can choose the user when scanning. Even when there are multiple users, each user can simply choose their name and then start scanning. With just one scanner, you can make your office much more efficient.
・The Sansan scanner set consists of a Scansnap scanner and tablet PC with our exclusive software installed on it. The device is easy to set up, and if there are any problems with the hardware or software, Sansan will handle it.
・When there are many users, or the users are working from different offices, you can also rent multiple scanners.

* Because power outlet formats differ from country to country, depending on your country a power plug adapter may be necessary.
Sansan’s Scanner Set is made up of a tablet PC and Scansnap scanner, with two power cords included. These power cords use “type A” plugs. Please note that Sansan cannot cover any cost associated with purchasing an adaptor plug in the even it is required for your country.

【To order the Scanner Set 】

・To oder a scanner plan, log in to the Sansan contract management screen, and then fill out the order form. You can log in from the Smartphone setting screen. To log in to the PC contract management screen, click here.
・The scanner plan can be used from any country or region. 

【Point to be aware of】
・The contract for scanner plans is yearly, however, the payments are made on a monthly basis
・If you wish to terminate a contract during the middle of the contract, you will still need to pay for the rest of the period of the contract. You will also need to mail the rented scanner back to us.
・When you order an upgrade, you will be charged the difference of the plans on a daily basis. For the next month, you will charged with the time of the original order.

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