Storage Plan

【Storage Plan】

Sansan also has pay-for-use storage plans. One of these is for purchasing business card storage, and the other is for renting a scanner set. Here is shown the plan for business card storage.

【Storage Plan details】

・By subscribing to a storage plan, you can increase the number of cards you can manage on Sansan. Currently, we are offering a yearly plan of 5000 cards worth of storage for 100USD (S$120 for Singapore) a month. When you buy this plan, you can manage 5000 cards on Sansan for a year.
・While continuing the subscription of the plan you are using, you can also purchase additional storage.
・If you discontinue a storage plan contract, you can continue to access on Sansan the business card data already there. For example, for a company that bought a storage plan of 5000 cards and then used 4800 cards of that capacity before finishing the contract, they can still access the 4800 cards they put into Sansan.
・Storage is counted by company. Because of this, when participating users take pictures of business cards or use the Sansan scanner, the remaining storage will decrease when this data reaches the Sansan servers. When you purchase storage, the limit you had before you purchased it, for example from inviting colleagues, is not lost; instead it is added to the limit you already had.

【To purchase a storage plan】

・To purchase a storage plan, log in to the Sansan contract management screen, and then fill out the purchase form. You can log in from the Smartphone setting screen. To log in to the PC contract management screen, click here.
・Storage plans can be purchased from any country or region.

【Points to be aware of】

・The contract for storage plans is yearly, however, the payments are made on a monthly basis.
・If you wish to terminate a contract during the middle of the contract, you will still need to pay for the rest of the period of the contract. You cannot downgrade of a contract in the middle.
・Similarly, you cannot downgrade to a different plan in the middle of the current plan.
・When you purchase an upgrade, you will be charged the difference of the plans on a daily basis. For the next month, you will charged with the time of the original purchase.

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