What does Sansan cost, and what comes with a subscription?

Sansan's Pricing Details:

Sansan's Storage Plan and customized rental Sansan Scanner are available at the following subscription price structure:

1) Storage Plan
5,000 Cards of Scanning/storage (total storage shared by domain).
100 USD/month (S$120 for Singapore), 1 year contract (paid monthly).
・Contracts are done on a by-domain basis
・Unlimited Users, No Per-user Fee
・Every card scanned counts as one out of your total shared storage (this includes cards that may be a duplicate of previously scanned cards)

2) Sansan Scanner *Optional
In addition to the smartphone camera, we offer an option to rent a customized Sansan Scanner and tablet set, capable of scanning 30 cards in under a minute.
・100 USD/month (S$120 for Singapore), per scanner set, 1 year contract (paid monthly)
・Free Shipping
・Available for Rental Only; Purchase Option not Available.


-Contract and Payment-

Both the Storage Plan and Sansan Scanner are available at a yearly contract (1200 USD / S$1440 for Singapore) with monthly payments of 100 USD (S$120 for Singapore). Payment is made by credit card.

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