Downloading (exporting) Business Card Data

Following are instructions on how to download (export) business card data. Downloading can be broadly divided into two categories.

Main Points

・Only business cards that have already been changed into data can be downloaded.

・If the amount of data items being extracted is large, it may take some time to create the file (Generally it will take five minutes for every 1000 business cards being downloaded).

* If many files for download are being created by Sansan users, it may take some time before the file creation process begins.

・After the file has been created, a notification email will be sent to the email address of the logged-in user.

・If the business cards specified for download are private business cards, these cards cannot be downloaded.



1. Perform a business card search from the search box of the home screen or from advanced searches, and the search results will be displayed.

2. From the search result list, put checks in the boxes of business cards you would like to download.

* If you would like to select all the search results spread across multiple pages, please use the check box in the illustration below. When downloading all the data, in the same way put a check here to choose all the business cards.

3. From the download icon, click on "Download selected business cards".


4. From the business card extraction screen, select the items you would like to download, and then click on "Download". You can select templates from the pull down. 



The "Items to be downloaded" of "2, Edit items" will be extracted. To add items, click on "Add" after choosing the item from the item list. To remove items, click on "Delete" after choosing the item from "List of Items to Be Downloaded".

▼ If you check the details of "options; 3, Choose Options " , see here.

5. Please wait until the file is generated. If you click on "Display Current Situation" at the upper left of the download file list, when "Working" changes to a "Download" button, you can then download the business card data.