Configuring Sansan Labs settings

Sansan Labs has a function for extracting, aggregating, and analyzing contact information in Sansan. This article shows you how to set up this function.
About Sansan Labs


Usage conditions

  • Admin privileges are required to use this function.
  • This setting is limited to functions in Labs that use contact information in Sansan; functions such as AI-based business efficiency applications are available to all users.


How to use it

  1. Go "Admin settings" → "Sansan Labs settings".

  2. Choose the most suitable among the three options and click to save.
    *Compiling data can take time, so it may take several days for the setting to take effect.


Not using contact analysis function

Only functions that do not use contact information, such as AI-based business efficiency applications, are available. This is the default setting.


Contact analysis function for all users

All contacts covered under your contract are available and all users can view the analysis results.
This is the best option if you haven't restricted access in Sansan "Access Privilege Settings".


Customized scope of contact analysis and users

This lets you limit contacts to be compiled and analyzed and the users who can view them. See the "Access Privilege Settings" for information that’s restricted. This is the best choice if you set restrictions in the "Access Privilege Settings".

Customization example

If using only Sales Department members for analysis and as those who can refer to the data:
*Assume that a Sales Department already exists in the Sansan departments and that access privileges have been set for that department.

  1. In "Sansan Labs settings", for the departments you'll use, choose the Sales Department.
  2. Only contact information accessible by the Sales Department will be compiled and analyzed, and only Sales Department members will be able to view this information in Sansan Labs.


If using only full-time employees and analytical data of contact information excluding Management and Investment Departments:

  1. Create a department in "Manage Departments".
  2. Under "Manage Users", assign all full-time employees (excluding contract and part-time) to the first department.
  3. In "Access Privilege Settings", set privileges that allow access to departments other than the Management and Investment Departments.
  4. In "Sansan Labs settings", specify the department from step 1 in "Departments using Sansan Labs".
  5. Data for contact information only, excluding the Management and Investment Departments, will be compiled and analyzed, and only full-time employees will be able to view it in Sansan Labs.


Additional information

Go here to add, change, or delete a department
Go here to edit a user's department
Go here to set access privileges



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