About company custom fields

The company custom fields feature lets you create fields and set up data for individual companies. This page shows how.



1. Creating a company custom field

  • Example 1: Field name – Contracted products / Data – Product A, Product B, Product C, Product D, etc.
  • Example 2: Field name – Customer classification / Data – Important, General, Lost, etc.

For instructions, refer to the help section on creating a new company custom field.
*Only your admin can create a new custom field.


2. Setting up individual company data

For instructions, refer to the help section on setting company custom field data for a company.


How to use it

This can be found on the company page when you click on a company name.



If a company name is recognized as the same as another, the company custom field data will not be transferred.
Example: If Company A is merged into Company B, Company A's custom fields will not be transferred to Company B.


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