About Contact Inbox

This feature automatically extracts contact information from email signatures and sender information for those with whom no contacts have been exchanged, and displays them as contact suggestions in Sansan.
It lets you centrally manage contact information for those with whom communication is only by email, but in the same format as other Sansan contact data.


Ways to use it

Easily store and share email contact information

Signatures are automatically extracted from emails and shown as contact suggestions, which you can then choose to import into Sansan contact data.
As with scanning and sharing business cards and contacts, you can easily visualize and share personal connections of all employees in your company.


Pick out the other person’s relevant information

Storing contact data in Sansan from email exchanges enables linking with and understanding of company information, related news, and coworkers’ contact points.



Set up Contact Inbox use here.

An integration with Gmail™ or Exchange Online is required for using this feature.

Go here for details on using with Gmail™.
Go here for details on using with Exchange Online.



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