Integration with Gmail™

These are the steps for integration with Gmail™ in Google Workspace.




Admin permissions are required to use this feature.



Register service account key file

Issue a service account key file (JSON file).
See here for how to do this.


Upload the service account key file (JSON file)

Go to Admin settings > Integration with other services > Google, then upload the issued account key file.


Checking integration status

Go to "Gmail™ integration admin" to see the integration status of all users in the contract.


Integration status settings

Status Details
Completed Integration with Gmail™ is inactive.
(authentication failure)
  • Service account key is invalid
  • Service account key has been deleted
  • The target user's account does not exist in Google Workspace™
(not authorized)
Service account does not have permission to see the target user's Gmail™
(connection failure)
An error has occurred for a reason other than the above. If the problem persists after retrying, please contact us here.


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