Integration with Exchange Online

These are the steps for integration with Exchange in Microsoft 365.





Use of this feature requires admin permissions and a plan that allows Microsoft 365 Exchange.
*As authentication is required for each directory ID, settings for multiple directory IDs cannot be saved at the same time (save them separately).



Issue directory (tenant)

Issue directory (tenant)

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure portal page.
  2. Go to the Azure Active Directory admin page in the middle.
  3. Copy the tenant ID shown under the company name.


Register directory (tenant) 

Copy the directory (tenant) ID and go to Admin settings → Integration with other services → Microsoft 365, and enter the permission settings for Exchange Online and the directory (tenant) ID copied above.


Checking integration status

Go to "Exchange Online integration admin" to see the integration status of all users in the contract.


Integration setting status

Status Details
Completed Integration with Exchange is inactive.
(authentication failure)
The user doesn't have an account in Microsoft 365.
(not authorized)
You don't have permission to access the user's Outlook account.
(connection failure)
If another error has occurred or if the problem persists ever after you tried to fix it, please contact us via this form.



Q. What should you do if IP address restrictions are set in Office 365?

A. Contact us through the contact form. Be sure to enter "IP address request for Office 365 integration” as the subject.


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