What a sectional administrator is

A sectional administrator is a type of user that has the same permissions as a system administrators for specified departments. Here we will explain the permissions a sectional administrator has, and how to do the settings for these.


1.Basic considerations

The sectional administrator, unlike regular users, is a highly important user who has administrative permissions in Sansan.
The administrative permissions will be applicable only to the specified departments, so no administrative operations can be done for departments outside those.


2.What a sectional administrator can do.

① Operations for users belonging to operable departments

  • Add/Change User (some limitations apply)
  • Settings for operable departments
  • Sort Display Order


② Operations on data held by users belonging to operable departments

  • Change holders
  • Import Card Data
  • Integration with Other services (Only for API linking)


③ Operations related to operable departments

  • Add/Edit/Delete Department
  • Access Privilege Settings
  • Arrange Hierarchically/Display order
  • Sansan Scanner Display Department Settings


3. What a sectional administrator cannot do

① Operations related to the whole company or contracts

  • Settings for Reports
  • Settings for Company masters
  • Security setting


② Operations on permissions related to changing or taking out data beyond what is held by the individual user

Operations on some permissions in Add, Edit users

  • Update all data
  • Download all business card, Report data
  • Opportunity management
  • API linking
  • Confirm actual usage
  • Download organization tree


4.How to do settings for sectional administrators

① Giving sectional administrator permission

Giving sectional administrator permission is done from Manage users.


Set the user classification of the applicable users to Sectional administrator.

*If you would like to use file import to change user classifications, please refer to this.


② Set which departments can be operated on

When sectional administrator permission is assigned, the initial setting is for the sectional administrator to be able to operate on the department he or she belongs to. If you would like to change the departments that can be operated on, please do this from Settings for administrator operable departments.


Select the users to be edited.


Set the departments that can be operated on.


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