Displaying a Business Card Associated with a Contact or Lead


After associating the business card information in the Business Cards with an account, contact, or lead, you can view a list of associated business cards. Since the list of business cards isn't displayed by default, you'll need to adjust the display settings. This page shows how to configure the object settings to display this list.

*Note that this page explains Salesforce settings. You'll need to log in to Salesforce with administrator permissions.


Opening the Object Manager

1. After logging in as an administrator, click the gear icon at the top right and click "Setup".


2. From the next screen, type "object manager" in the search field and click on the link in the results.


3. Displaying a business card associated with a contact

Open the page layout.

From Object Manager, click on the Contact link.


4. Click "Page Layouts" on the left, and in the main screen click "Contact Layout".


Adding "Business Card" in "Related Lists"

5. The layout menu appears on the same screen. Scroll down to, and click, "Related Lists".


6. Now "Business Card" appears in the list, drag and drop it to the related list.


7. When you can see "Business Card" in the related lists, click [Save].

The same procedure applies for leads.

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