Preparing for Salesforce Integration


*This function is a pay-to-use option. If you would like to use it, please contact your sales representative.

There are a number of steps before your company can use Salesforce integration.

This page lists what you need to do before you can begin using Sansan–Salesforce integration. Links to each essential step are given.



1. Application for Sansan–Salesforce integration

2. Implementation

  1. Salesforce Managed Package Installation
    (log in to Salesforce to perform these steps)
  2. Object Mapping Configuration between Sansan account and Salesforce Account


3. Initial settings

  1. Displaying Tabs for Business Card and Business Card Settings in Salesforce
  2. Displaying a Business Card Associated with a Contact or Lead
  3. Business Card Settings Object Recommended Manual Association Settingst
  4. Recommended Business Card Information Posting Settings
  5. Setting Permissions for Using the Business Card Object
  6. Adding a Link in Salesforce to a Sansan Person or Company Information
  7. Display Salesforce opportunity information on Sansan company information


4. Usage

  1. Associate Business Cards with Accounts, Contacts, or Leads

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