Editing a user profile

System admins can edit user profiles on the Profile Settings page.



Admin permissions are required to use this function.



The following items can be edited.

  • User icon
  • Profile information
  • Contact details
    • Internal, Phone, Company Mobile, Private Mobile
  • Latest information
    • Start Date, Name, Name (phonetic), Company, Company (phonetic), Department, Title, Postal Code, Address, Fax, URL
      *Changes are not overwritten and will be stored by start date.

*When syncing with own cards, user profiles will be automatically updated.
  See here for details.



Changing one user at a time

1. Click on "Admin Settings", and then "Profile Settings".

2. Click on "Edit" next to the user.

3. Input the items you wish to change and then click "Save".

File import

1. Click on "Admin Settings", and then "Profile Settings".

2. Click on "Import from File".

3. Click on "Download File".

Select the character code and divider between items and click on "Download".

4. To create a CSV file, input the added or changed information and save it.

5. Select the file you created or edited.

6. Check the contents of the file.
Adjust the Character Code and Divider Between Items.

7. Click on "Start Import".


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