Business Card Object: Corresponding Terms

This table shows which Salesforce fields correspond to the business card information in Sansan.



Sansan Item Salesforce Item Label Salesforce Item Name
Company Company name Sansan_CI__CompanyName__c
Department Department Sansan_CI__Department__c
Position Position Sansan_CI__Title__c
Last Name Last Name Sansan_CI__LastName__c
First Name First Name Sansan_CI__FirstName__c
Last Name(Phonetic) Last name (Kana) Sansan_CI__PhoneticLastName__c
First Name(Phonetic) First name (Kana) Sansan_CI__PhoneticFirstName__c
Phone Phone Sansan_CI__Phone__c
Phone2 Phone 2 Sansan_CI__Phone2__c
Mobile Mobile Sansan_CI__Mobile__c
Fax Fax  Sansan_CI__Fax__c
Email Email Sansan_CI__Email__c
Website URL Sansan_CI__Url__c
Tag Tags Sansan_CI__Tags_Original__c
Notes Notes Sansan_CI__Note__c


- Postal Code
- Prefecture
- City
- Street
- Building


- Postal Code
- Prefecture
- City
- Street
- Building 


- Sansan_CI__PostalCode__c
- Sansan_CI__State__c
- Sansan_CI__City__c
- Sansan_CI__Street__c
- Sansan_CI__Building__c

Contact Since Card exchange date Sansan_CI__ExchangeDate__c
Business Card ID Card ID Sansan_CI__BizCardId__c
Owner Owner ID (from Data Hub) Sansan_CI__OwnerId_Original__c

* Above fields are based on the latest version of the package. If you are installing an old version, some fields may not exist.

※"Country" field can not be transferred to Salesforce.

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