Authorizing devices that can use the Mobile App

This feature is a paid option. Please contact our sales team or Sansan Support Center if you would like to use it.

Here we will show you how to authorize or restrict devices that can access Sansan via the Mobile App.



  • Only system administrators can perform these settings.
  • These instructions relate to access restrictions for specific devices.
  • To restrict access from all mobile devices, see here. here.


Setting access restrictions

An authorization code needs to be registered for the device on which the settings will be performed.
There are two ways to do this.

  • By QR code
  • By establishing settings using Mobile Device Management (MDM)



Generate code

1. Click on Admin Settings > Security Settings > Mobile.
2. Under Device Authorization, put a check next to Enable.
3. Click Save.

4. In Device Authorization, click 'Manage Authorization Codes'.

5. Click 'Issue Code'.
The QR code and MDM authorization code will be displayed.


Authorize with QR code

1. Open the Sansan mobile app on the device to be authorized.

2. Tap on the icon in the lower right corner.

3. Tap 'Authorize device'.

4. Scan the QR code shown on the Web App.

5. Tap 'OK' to authorize the device.

*When the device is used to log in, the device will displayed on the admin screen.



Authorizing with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

1. Copy the code displayed on the admin screen.

2. Check your specific MDM software for how to apply the code.
We distribute tokens via App Configuration.When the device is used to log in, the device will displayed on the admin screen.



Disabling a code

1. Under Device Authorization, click 'Manage Authorization Codes'.

2. Click 'Disable' for any codes you want to disable.
Any devices using that code will no longer be able to use Sansan.



Disabling a device from using Sansan

1. In Device Authorization, click Manage Devices.

2. Click 'Disable' for any devices you want to disable.
*The change will not be reflected until the user attempts to log in to the device.

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