【Sansan Data Hub】Salesforce Authentication


This article is aimed at customers who are new to Sansan Data Hub.
A number of steps are needed to get started with Sansan Data Hub. This article gives an overview of what's needed.
Please refer to the relevant links for details on each step.

1. Log in to Sansan Data Hub
2. Salesforce authentication 

1. Log in to Sansan Data Hub

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Login ID/Password and click "Login".


2. Salesforce authentication

  1. Click “Salesforce authentication“ from the right top menu.

  2. Click authenticate button.


  3. Do Salesforce authentication.
    It will move to the below screen, so please do authentication using Salesforce account.
    *If the Salesforce account used for the authentication was disabled or deleted, the integration will stop.

  4. Finish Salesforce authentication.
    After you finished the authentication, it will move to the screen as below.


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