Adding a Link in Salesforce to Sansan Person or Company Information


When you associate Business Card object with a Contact, a link to the Sansan company and person information is automatically created. You can also add a link to Sansan in accounts and/or contacts screen to make the interface more convenient.

*Note that this page explains Salesforce settings. You'll need to log in to Salesforce with administrator permissions.



1. After logging in as an administrator, click the gear icon at the top right and click "Setup".


2. From the next screen, enter "object manager" in the search field and click on the link in the results.


3. From the Object Manager screen, click on the "Contact" link.

*The following example is for Contacts, but you can follow the same procedure when linking Sansan company information to a Salesforce account.


4. Click "Page Layouts" on the left, and in the main screen click "Contact Layout".


5. Select "Sansan person information" and drag and drop it to the location you want.

*You can also drag and drop any other items you want to add.


6. Click "Quick Save" in the top right and then [Save].


7. Sansan person information has now been added to the contact details.


8. Click Sansan person details to go to the Sansan screen.

As noted above, Sansan company information can be added in the same way.

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