Sansan Meishi Maker FAQ



 Q. Is there a maximum number of templates I can register?

 Q. Can I change a template's layout or items?

 Q. Is there a character limit on certain items?

 Q. Is it okay if I submit an anonymous employee list?

 Q. Can I create a card for multiple roles?


Making Cards, Allocation

 Q. Do I need to place an order when making a card?

 Q. What does "Allocate" mean in this case?

 Q. Can a user make a new card without the admin's permission?



 Q. What is the color mode for cards?

 Q. What is the resolution for cards?

 Q. Does printing always have to be done through a printing company? For example, can I print them on my own device?

 Q. Can I return the cards if there's a problem with them?



 Q. Do I need a Sansan user ID to use Meishi Maker?

 Q. How do I increase the number of Meishi Maker users?


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