Companies with no risk found

Key points

When importing business cards into Sansan, companies with no risks detected can be listed under "No risk found".

This function is available only to the person in charge of risk assessment. Click here for more information.


Usage flow

On the "Risk Assessment" screen, access the "No risk found" tab.


1. Screening complete

This is a list of companies that were screened and no risk was found.

For risks detected, see "Assessment required".


2. Not screened

Companies in any of the following categories are grouped into “Not screened":

  • Companies not found in company name matching
  • There are no digitized contacts*
  • Contacts added while Risk Intelligence was suspended.
  • Contacts added before using Risk Intelligence (when there was no initial batch screening)


*Digitized contacts encompass contact data that counts toward the digitization quota. See here for more information.


How to download

You can download a CSV file of companies with no risk found. Go to "Display All", "Screening complete" or "Not screened".

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