Linking your company's forms with Sansan

Linking your company's forms (inquiries, document requests, etc.) allows input form data to be stored and accessed within Sansan. Smart Forms admin permissions are needed to configure form linkage.


*Note that linking requires editing forms' source code.
*Go here to learn more about Smart Forms.


Usage notes

Forms must meet the following conditions to be linkable with Sansan.

  • The source code of the screen containing the form must be editable.
  • Forms must be located in a site using HTTPS.
  • Form must be implemented using <form> tags.
  • <form> tags must not be contained within <iframe>.
  • The submit button is type="submit" (not permitted if using JavaScript).



Linkage settings

1.From the upper-right menu go to Smart Forms.



2. Click on the Link forms button and enter the form name and URL, then click Next. The form name and URL will be displayed on the Form list screen. These can be changed later.


*Up to 200 forms can be linked per contract.



3. Continue to the Form linking tab of the Editing screen to configure the settings. Follow the instructions to copy the linkage script from Install script and add it to your company's form.



4. Now link each item. Copy the code for the items to include in Sansan and add it to the form.
Basic items such as name and address are provided in advance. If there are no given items you want to add, you can create a custom item using the Add item button and assigning an original name.


*Go here for details about basic items.
*Note that attributes to be added are different when linking custom items input via checkbox or radio buttons.
*Only one tag for each item can be added per form. If the same tag is added to multiple locations within the same form, only the uppermost-shown item will be linked.



5. Setup is complete when all code has been added. Run a test on the linked form to be sure linking is working correctly. After the test, you'll be redirected to the Response list. If everything is shown correctly, the setup is finished.
*Up to 100,000 responses can be saved per form.
*There is a limit to how many characters can be saved for each item. See here for details.



Editing settings, stopping linkage

1.Editing settings

After completing the settings, in the form list, click on the form to edit. The following can be edited under each tab:

  • Basic settings: form name, form URL, status (linked/unlinked)
  • Form linking: Custom items (change item names, add/delete items)


2. Stopping linkage

Linkage can be changed from Status under the Basic settings tab on the edit screen.
To stop linkage, uncheck Link and click Save.




# of characters that can be saved

There is a limit on how many characters can be saved when linking inquiry form data with Sansan.


Items Smart Forms tags Maximum Characters
Full name data-smartform="full_name" 500
Last name data-smartform="last_name" 250
First name data-smartform="first_name" 250
Company data-smartform="company_name" 250
Department data-smartform="department_name" 250
Position data-smartform="title" 250
Email data-smartform="email" 250
Phone data-smartform="tel" 30
Postal Code data-smartform="postal_code" 10
Address data-smartform="address" 1,000
Prefecture data-smartform="email" 250
City data-smartform="email" 250
Street data-smartform="email" 250
Building data-smartform="email" 250
Custom items data-smartform="email" 1,000


Items that can't be linked

Depending on tag attributes, some items cannot be linked with Sansan.


  連携可 連携不可
Basic items input(※1), textarea, select(※2) password, checkbox, radio, image, reset, submit, button
Custom items input(※1), textarea, select, checkbox, radio password, image, reset, submit,button


*1: All types not included in the Not linkable list are eligible.

*2: For multiple selections, only the uppermost value among the selected values will be linked. (For custom items, all selected values can be linked when the Submit button is clicked.)


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