Risk manager

An appointed user for Risk Intelligence and CEO screening, who will assess any potential risks found concerning companies on scanned cards. Selecting a user who willbe responsible for risk assesment is required when setting up Risk Intelligence feature.

It is best to select a user with unlimited access to contacts, so as not to be prevented from assessing risks to contacts invisible to them.
Make sure to check access rights of the user who you want to select as a risk manager

* Click here to see more about Risk Intelligence
* Click here to see more about CEO Screening
* Click here to see about access privileges


Select a risk manager

1. If you're only using Risk Intelligence

Go to "①Admin settings" > "②Sansan Plus" > "③Risk Intelligence"

Click on "Edit settings" to add or remove a risk manager


2. If you're using both Risk Intelligence and CEO screening

If a risk manager has already been appointed for 'Risk Intelligence', they will also be automatically assigned as a risk manager for 'CEO screening', and vice versa.

Please note you will still need to manually set up each feature.


Risk assessment

Scan cards

All cards scanned either via Sansan scanner or Sansan smartphone app are subject to risk assessment.

Risk manager is notified

If any potential risks found concerning scanned cards, next morning, a notification will be sent to all appointed risk managers.

Assessment history

All scanned cards' companies with potential risks will be displayed on "Assessment required" page. Only risk managers have access to this page.

All risks from "Assessment history" will be notified to all risk managers that morning.
As a risk manager you can access the page and start assessing any found risks.

Assessing risks

Scanned cards' data will be compared with the data of Refinitv to detect any potential risks.
Risk managers can see the risk details by clicking on "①Details" for concerning company.

Based on the data for "①Risk details" and "②CEO Screening", click "③Assess" to blacklist or whitelist the company. You can also narrow down the companies through filtering.

If a company is blacklisted, a notification will be sent to any users who scanned the card.

* A company assessed as blacklisted at least once, if same company's card has been scanned again, no more notifications will be sent to risk managers to assess the blacklisted company. All card holders of concerning company will be notified, if a company is blacklisted.


You can download and bulk delete assessed companies from 'Assessment History'.


Company page

If a company is blacklisted, a "Blacklist" label will be displayed on that company's page.



Q. There are 0 risks but companies/CEOs are on the assessment list.

A. Due to Refinitiv, KYCC, or Sansan database updates, there is the possibility of companies or CEOs being on this list despite showing 0 risks.

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