What a risk check manager is, how risk check proceeds

What is a risk check manager?

This is the person in charge of using the risk checking function. Your system administrator must designate this person during the initial setup.




How to designate a risk check manager

If initial setup isn't complete

Click on ① "Admin settings", then ② "Sansan Plus" and ③ "Connect" to start the setup.

Specify the person in charge at ① "Set risk check managers".

*If a risk check manager has already been designated in Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv or KYCC, the risk check managers will be synced.

*Since the settings for starting use are not synchronized, it is necessary to "connect" the system in each of Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv and KYCC.


If initial setup is complete

If you're already connected, you can “Edit Settings” for risk check managers from "Admin settings" then "Sansan Plus" then "Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv/KYCC".


Click "Edit settings" to add or remove a risk manager


Risk check process

1.Scan cards

Based on the scanned information, the risk database set for use is searched and automatic screening takes place.

All cards scanned either via the Sansan scanner or Sansan Mobile App are subject to risk assessment.


2.Risk check manager is notified, access to assessment screen

If any potential risks are found concerning scanned cards, the following morning a notification will be sent to all appointed risk check managers. Clicking on the notification will display the “History".

You can also access these if you click on "Menu” then ① "Risk Assessment".

*Only cards detected as a risk among all users will be listed as companies needing risk assessment, in the “Assessment Required” list in “Risk Assessment”.

"Only risk check managers can access this.

*If a risk check manager has not decided on assessment, it will appear in the “Assessment required” list. If it has been assessed, it will be moved to “History”.

3. Assessing risks

Check the risk information from ① “Available" in “Company risk information" and "Leadership
risk", then click ① “Assess" to decide. When deciding, confirm that the detected company is the same as the counterparty.

You can use ③ “Filter” to narrow down companies.

If you have started using Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv, ① "Company risk information" will be shown. If you have started using "Risk Intelligence powered by KYCC, ① "Leadership
risk" will be shown.


4. Notifying the card owner

When a company is Failed, a notification will be sent to any users who scanned the card.

* If cards from a company assessed as Failed at least once are scanned again, no further notifications will be sent to risk managers to assess the Failed company. All cardholders of the relevant company will be notified if a company is Failed.


5. Company page

A “Failed” label will be displayed on companies judged as failed.


6. History list

You can do the following on the "History" screen.

· Edit Passed/Failed and comments
· Check the update date for risk information
· Delete assessed companies
· Download assessed companies




Q: There are 0 risks but companies/CEOs are on the assessment list.

A. Because of Refinitiv, KYCC, or Sansan database updates, there is the possibility of companies or CEOs being on this list despite showing 0 risks.


Q: Do risk check managers receive notification emails?

A: There is no email notification function; please check on the Sansan login screen.


Q: Are manually entered or imported cards assessed?

A: No, they aren't. Only cards that are part of your monthly usage quota, as described on this help page, will be subject to screening.


Q: What should I do if I've deleted a company from the assessed list?

A: You can do any of the following:
· Re-scan cards from the same company.
· Use the bulk assessment function.
· Use the risk search function to find a contact and then do a new risk assessment.


Q: What is the risk information update date?

A: This is the date when Refinitiv or KYCC updated the risk information for a counterparty that was moved to “History". Risk assessment can be checked even after the decision to pass or fail.


Q: Can I do a risk check without using a business card?

A: If you activate the risk search function, a risk search form will appear on the Risk Assessment screen. That lets you search for a specific company or person.


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