About Colleagues

Colleagues are two people in the same company. They are defined and established through business card exchanges and internal connections. Colleagues are central to the Sansan system.
Click on your user name and the Profile screen appears.
*The "Colleagues" screen will show your colleagues irrespective of the level of permissions set by the admin.
*This function is a pay-to-use option. If you would like to use it, please contact your sales representative.

Screen Details

1. Name, department, and job
  If the system admin has allowed display of career history, the most recent department and job will take priority.

2. Virtual Card URL

The Virtual Card that you or your admin registered, and its URL for sharing, are shown. You can also find colleagues’ Virtual Cards URLs here if your admin has enabled this function.

3. Contact details
 The phone number and email that you or the admin registered will be displayed.

4. Self-introduction
  The intro text that you or the admin registered will be displayed.

  The shows the number of contacts you've acquired.

6. Messaging function
  Clicking this icon will open a screen for sending internal messages.

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