Two-factor authentication (Mobile App)

This feature is a paid option. Please contact our sales team or Sansan Support Center if you would like to use it.

If two-factor authentication is required, users will be prompted to enter their authorization code during login.
Inital setup for obtaining the authorization code can only be done from the Web App.
In case of emergency, it is possible to set up two-factor authentication on mobile.
N.B. Setup via Mobile App is more complicated and inconvenient than Web App.


Step by step

1. Install a two-factor authentication app on your smartphone

Install one of the following recommended apps and use it to generate the code during login (Sansan's two-factor authentication feature supports any time-based one-time pasword (TOTP) apps).


2. Access the authentication setting screen

You'll need to log in to the Sansan Web App on your mobile.

After logging the setup screen will be displayed.
If you are not directed to the setting screen, it means two-factor authentication has already been set up. Please contact your administrator if you need to reset your authentication.


3. Generate the authentication code

Tap on "Display key for adding account" in "2. Generate authentication code" on the setting screen. Copy the code or write it down.
*When setting from a smartphone, as a general rule, it is not possible to get the key from QR code.

*The following are the steps for using Google Authenticator.
Open the installed authentication app, tap "Begin setup", and then select "Manual entry".

Enter your login email address in "Account", and enter the code in "Key".
Please ensure "Time based" remains on.


4. Get authentication code

Opening the authentication app will display a 6-digit code.

Copy and paste this code when requested to enter two-factor authentication code in Sansan.

The 6-digit code displayed on the authentication app will automatically be renewed after a certain period of time.

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