Making two-factor authentication mandatory (security settings)

This feature is a paid option. Please contact our sales team or Sansan Support Center if you would like to use it.

Administrators can require all users to use two-factor authentication for added security.


Things to note

- Two-factor authentication can be setup from the Web App only. Users won't be able to use the Mobile App until they have set up two-factor authentication on the Web App.

- Admins should notify users prior to requiring two-factor authentication. Any users who haven't set up two-factor authentication will receive an email notification when it becomes effective.

- If SAML authentication is enabled, the screen prompting for two-factor authentication will not show when logging in, because the two types of authentication cannot be used together.


Step by step

1. Click your name/icon the top right of the Web App. Click Admin Settings then Security settings.


2. Go to Two-factor authentication tab


3. Put a check in Require two-factor authentication. If you want to enable a grace period (so that users are not forcibly logged out immediately), you can do so.



4. Click on OK button to confirm the setting


5. If a grace period is set, an expiration date will be displayed. Once the deadline has expired, all users will be required to set up two-factor authentication.


If use of two-factor authentication is disabled, any newly registered users will be able to log in with only their email and password. Users who have already set up two-factor authentication will be able to disable it from their settings.

Resetting a user's two-factor authentication settings will forcibly log them out of Sansan. For users to disable two-factor authentication, admins must first turn two-factor authentication off.

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