About Lists

Lists can be used for recipients for bulk and direct mails, and can be downloaded as CSV files.



The Lists feature is not currently available to all customers.




Contact-derived person information

Contacts of the same person held by multiple users are combined into one person and a list is created.  If multiple users own cards/contacts of the same person, the list will show the most recent information.



Create a new list

1. Go to Lists and click on "Create list" button.


2. Select viewing permission for the list and click OK to proceed.


3. Add filters to refine your list and then add a name to save it.


Page layout

① List name

② Contact pool
If you add more than one card belonging to the same person, that person will only appear once in the list.

③ Filter criteria

④ Filtered contacts

⑤ Save button


Edit a list

1. Go to Lists and click on the list you want to edit.
*Only list creator can edit.


2. Update the list and change the filters.


Page layout

① Update
Person date can be updated when there was an update since the last saved list.

② Compare lists
If there was any additions,deletions,or changes from the last saved person data list,you can check from the pre-update information.

③ Edit filters
You can change the filters to suit your needs.
*To change the filters, it is necessary to update your list first.


Download a list

For lists created from "Contact-derived person information",a CSV file can be downloaded from the "Lists" or "Create list" pages.

*To download CSV files, users must have the necessary permissions. If you don't have the required permissions, please contact your Sansan administrator.

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