Using CloudSign Contract Management


By adding contacts to Sansan, you can check if there is a contract signed with that company. If there already is a signed contract, the user who added the contact will be notified.


Initial setup

1. Guidance

Administrators will be notified once the company is signed up for this option.

Administrators can also access the Setup page from the top-right menu via Admin settings, then Sansan Plus. Click on 'Connect' next to CloudSign Contract Management to start the Setup.



2. Confirm terms and conditions

Please be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions before connecting.


3. Connect to CloudSign

Please register your CloudSign Client ID.

*Click here to find out how to get your Client ID.

*Click here for notes on Client ID.



4. Select contracts

You can select which contract types you wish to display or hide.


5. Add words to filter

If you have any contracts that you don't want all users to see, you can register any words included in the name of those contracts in order to hide them. Up to 30 words can be registered.


6. Choose name

You can choose a display name for for the connection. This can be edited at any time.



6. Complete setup

Finally, you can choose whether you want to enable all users to access this feature straight away or not. If you choose not to, you can enable this later from same setup screen.




Edit settings or disconnect

You can edit your settings or disconnect via Sansan Plus Settings. Disconnecting will hide all CloudSign Contract Management content displayed on company pages. You can easily display the information again by reconnecting.


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