What Transcribe Both Sides is


When business cards are digitized, usually the information on the front is transcribed, but when you scan with Transcribe Both Sides, information on both sides of the card will be digitized.
Here we will give some information about Transcribe Both Sides.


Characteristics of Transcribe Both Sides

-Please use this when you want to have both the side with Japanese on it and the side with English on it be digitized.

-Data will be created for two business cards, one with only the information on the front of the card, and one with only information on the back of the card.

-Data of both of these business cards will be managed as separate business cards, but they will be assigned the same Personal ID, and managed as the same person.

-When the setting for Transcribe Both Sides is done, cards scanned will have their front and reverse sides been digitized.
Please be aware that if this setting is done and one side of the business card is blank, you will still be charged for both sides of the cards. Please do the settings according to your purpose and frequency of use.

-This setting only applies to scanning done using the Tablet PC. This setting does not apply to cards photographed by smartphones or mobile phones.



-Regardless of whether the Transcribe Both Sides setting is on or off, the scanner will scan both the front and the back of the card at the same time.
Both the front and back images can be checked from the Sansan BizCards screen.


Data operation flow

With the Transcribe Both Sides setting, each business card will be divided into two business cards, one for each side.
Staff will input the front and back separately.
To the staff, each business card will be seen as a business card printed on only one side, and they will change only the side they see into data.


Noteworthy patterns that occur when digitized

-If you would like to scan with [Use handwritten dates first] , please write the date on both sides. If you only write the date on one side of the business card, a date received will only be input for the side it is written on, and the side without writing on it will have the date received set as the date selected when scanning, thus causing a disparity between the dates received. -For business cards that are one set of information divided between the two sides (with for example the company name and name on the front, and the address information on the back), input will only be done for the side with necessary items on it. * Cards that were not input can be checked in Sansan under "Unreadable Cards". In the following cases, we recommend scanning in regular mode, not in Transcribe Both Sides mode.


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