About Contact Analysis


Simply scan a card and the data is analyzed from multiple viewpoints. The analysis results are displayed as a dashboard.


Things to note

  • Contact Analysis is currently only available in Japanese.




1. Apply

Once this option is available for your company, an email will be sent to your company's admin.

You can also apply via 'Admin settings' > 'Sansan Plus'.


2. Select department

Only one department can use this feature.

We recommend you create a new department in Sansan for users who are going to use this feature.

You can add users to the new department you created from 'Admin Settings' > 'Manage users'.

If you're going to select an existing department, please make sure that it has access to the contacts you are going to analyze. You can edit permissions from access privilege settings.

Click here to learn more about access privileges.


3. Finish setup

Click 'Connect'.

Contact Analysis will not be available for use immediately, as it will take time to analyze your card data. It should be available within 48 hours.


2. Edit/Disconnect

1. Edit settings

Go to Sansan Plus settings and click 'Edit settings'.


2. Disconnect

Go to Sansan Plus settings and click 'Disconnect'.


Disconnecting will hide the Contact Analysis dashboard.

Once disconnected, current settings will be lost.

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