About Sansan Meishi Maker (for admins)

Sansan Meishi Maker enables you to bulk design and order physical business cards. Users can also use the cards online as 'Virtual Cards'.



Setup guide

1. Setup guidance

Once this option is available to your company, an email will be sent to your company's Sansan administrator.

Administrators can also access the Setup page from the top-right menu via "①Admin settings", and then "②Sansan Plus". Click on "③Connect" button next to Sansan Meishi Maker to start the Setup.

2.Select a Sansan Meishi Maker admin

Please designate users who will manage ordering and allocating business cards in your company as Sansan Meishi Maker admins.

See here for details on Sansan Meishi Maker admins.


3.Complete Setup

Click on "Done" from [2.] on the screen to go to the completion page.

Click on "①Start"

The feature is now ready to be used by Sansan Meishi Maker admins.

Click on "②Save settings without starting"

Settings are saved and Setup is completed. Only settings are saved, and Sansan Meishi Maker admins will not be able to use it yet.

In case you saved settings without starting, you can always come back to setup screen to start the connection via Sansan Plus settings > and then clicking on "①Set up".


Edit connection settings / Disconnect

1. Edit connection settings

You can change the connection settings via Sansan Plus settings > and then clicking on "①Edit settings".

2. Disconnect

You can disconnect from Salesforce environment via Sansan Plus settings > and then clicking on "②Disconnect".

When you disconnect, Sansan Meishi Maker will be hidden in the menu. You can display the information again via the "Set up" button.

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