Using Contact Inbox (Mobile App)

Admins need to set up this feature before it can be used.

  • Google Workspace™ setup details are here.
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange setup details are here.

Information about contact suggestions is here.


How it works

A “Suggested contacts" button will appear when suggestions are available. Tap the button to go to the screen for reviewing and adding.




Adding contacts to My Data

Select “Add” after checking to see if all the information is correct.

If there are multiple suggested contacts, the next one will then be shown. You can also swipe left and right to see suggestions.


If you accept a suggested contact, it will be labeled "From email". No date of card exchange will be shown.


Editing contact information

Select “Edit” to change any of the information.


Select "Save" when you're done.


Choosing not to add contacts to My Data

If you choose not to add a suggested contact, simply select “Don’t add”.


Selecting "Don't show this contact again" will prevent the same contact from being shown in the future.


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