Changing the display of the business card management screen

The display of the business card management screen can be customized.



In the upper right of the business card list, using themenu you can change how the display is. The settings you choose for this will be the same when you log back in next time.


You can select "Cards with images" if you would like the business card images displayed, or "Cards without images" to have them not displayed.

Sort by You can change the display order for descending or ascending order of "Name", "Company", "Holder", "Received on".
Number of cards You can select whether on one page 30, 50, or 100 business cards will be displayed.
Changing display You can choose "Tags", "Notes", and "Address" as items to be displayed.

*If the cookies on your browser are disabled, the displayed settings will not be maintained.
*Display settings are saved on the browser. If you access with a different browser, you may need to make adjustments to the settings.

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