Taking pictures (scanning) business cards from Sansan for Mobile (smartphone)

Here we will show how to scan business cards using the Sansan for Mobile (smartphone).



・This works only for iPhones (iOS 6 or newer).

・Adding tags when scanning and handling handwritten dates is not supported.

・Languages that can be selected for input are: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

・Importance will be registered as standard.

・If a picture is taken of the back as well, images of both sides of the business card can be seen.

・Charges for scanning done from smartphones is the same as scanning done from the scanner.



1. Log in to Sansan, and select
"Take pictures of business cards with camera".
2. After selecting the date received,
select the language for input. 

3. After selecting the language for input,
choose "Done".
4. Choose "Take Photo of Business Card."

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