Procedure for Bulk Email Delivery

When you use the bulk email delivery function, you can send emails to multiple business cards at one time. This email will appear to the recipient as a personally written email. Here we will explain how to use the bulk email delivery function.



  • To use this function, it is necessary to have permission for "Email delivery". For how to give permissions, see here.
  • Tags are used to specify recipients. For each delivery, please specify a recipient tag for that delivery.
  • You can delete tags you no longer need. For how to do this, see here.
  • Only business cards which have finished being changed into data can have bulk email sent to them.
  • CC and BCC recipient fields cannot be used. (These emails will be sent as one-to-one, personal emails. The recipients will not be able to see the email addresses of other recipients, so there is no need to worry. )
  • You can use the Message function to check with your colleagues if there are any problems with the people you are sending to.
  • Up to 100, 000 emails can be sent in one day.
  • This is counted by the company contracted to use Sansan, not by individual users.
    * When the number of recipients reaches 100,000 in one day, you will no longer be able to make reservations for bulk emails on that day.
  • Delivery can be cancelled up to five minutes before the delivery time.



1. Selecting type of email

2. Input contents to be delibvered

3-1. Specifying tag for recipients

3-2. Attaching tags, Having colleagues check recipients

3-3. Final Check of Recipients

4. Specifying time of distribution


How to access the bulk email delivery screen

Click on "Bulk Email", then on "Compose/Edit".


1. Selecting type of email

Choose either "Email magazine format", "One to one format", or "Individual usage", and then click on "Next".


2. Input contents to be delibvered

Input the information for the sender name, the subject, and the body of the email.
If necessary, use a template, characters to be inserted, file attachment, and the Test email sending function.

* For how to do deliveries using HTML format, please see here.


3-1. Creating a tag for recipients

To specify what people the email will be delivered to, please create or specify a recipient tag.


When creating new tags

1. Create a tag to be attached to the business cards that will be the recipients of the emails. 

* The tag name by default will be "yyyymmdd_bulk email addressees". Please change it according to your needs.


2. Confirm that the recipient tag is correct, and then press "Next".


3. Press "Start attaching tags". This will bring you to the Business card management screen.


4. Attach tags to the business cards of the people you want to send the email to.

※For how to attach tags to business cards, see here.  



5. After you have completed attaching tags, press the "Complete attaching tags" button at the bottom of the screen, and then resume the delivery tasks.


How to select a tag you already had created

1. Choose "Select an already-created tag"

2. From the pulldown below, choose the tag you wish to use for recipients, and then press "OK".

3. Press "Next".

*Any "Children tags" under the tag selected will not be included as recipients. If you wish to include the Children tags, please use the method here to bring the tags together, and then select this tag.


4. After checking that the recipient tag is OK, press "Next".


3-2. Attaching tags, Having colleagues check recipients

After completing the recipient tag selection and tag attachment, please select either "Do not request" or "Request" you colleagues to check the recipients, and then press "Next".

*If you select "Do not request", go ahead to "3-3. Final Check of Recipients".


If you selected "Request"

1. Click on "Compose message". After clicking on this, a pop-up will come up.


2. Please select the colleagues displayed in "Colleagues to request". Holders of recipient business cards are automatically added to this.


3. Then, enter the appropriate information into "Purpose of email delivery, deadline", and press "Send message" at the bottom of the screen.


4. After sending the requests, you can check your colleagues progress on this tasks from "Check colleagues' progress". When all of them have finished and the progress bar reaches 100%, press "Next".

*From "See details", you can also select "Force completion" or "Return to incomplete".


3-3. Final Check of Recipients

After checking if the addressees, senders, and sender signatures are correct, click on "Next".
If necessary, use "Correct charactors that could not be input" and "Remove from addressees".
*By using "Send Preview", you can see the email you are going to send with the inserted text inside it.


4. Specifying time of Delivery

You can select either "Immediate delivery" or "Specify time and date for delivery".
After setting the delivery time, click on "Confirm".


As a final check, please confirm the delivery information.
If there is no problem, click "Schedule delivery".

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