What Relationship is

Here we will explain what Relationship is.


The way Relationship is calculated

Relationship is a score based on the total number of times the person behind this business card has been contacted.
The way Relationship is calculated for each type is as below.
For each connection displayed on the Organization Tree, this is a guide to how many times people in your company have contacted this person.
-Business card received, 3 points
-Meeting, 3 points
-Telephone call, 1 point
-Email, 1 point
* Business cards received are only counted for business card that have date received.
* Meetings are only counted when they are registered as meetings in the Report function.
* Telephone calls are only counted when the phone call is made from Sansan for mobile.
* Emails are only counted when they are sent by calling up your mailer software from Sansan.


If you would like to search (extract) prospects who you have a weaker relationship with that you would like to deepen, doing searches according to Relationship is useful.

Here we will explain how to add tags based on classifications based on the depth of connection as counted by Relationship.


A convenient way to use Sansan: Doing searches for prospects based on depth of connection

1. From "Advanced search", choose "Others", and then select "Relationship (From-to).

2. Specify the rane of Relationship you would like to search for (e.g., 5-12), and then search for business cards.

By doing things like this, you can search and extract things from the database based on many types of information connected to your business cards.


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