Sign In, Reset Password, Sign Out (Smartphone application)

Here we will show how to sign in, have password reset, and sign out from the smartphone application.



Logging in

1. After opening up the application, input your email address and password, and then press "Log in"

*The initial settings may take some time. Please wait patiently.

2. The User list screen (the top screen) will open up.


Reissuing passwords

If you do not know your password for logging in, please use this to have a password reset.

*If you are using SAML Authentication, please speak to the administrator in your company.


1. From the log in screen, press "If you do not know your password".

Fill in the necessary items, and then press send. You will then be able to reset your password.


Logging out

Here we will show how to log out of Sansan.


1. Tap "Settings" in the lower right, and the Settings screen will come up.

2. From the Settings screen, scroll down, and choose "Log out of Sansan".


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