Resetting user passwords (for administrators)

Here we will show how to reset passwords for users and to notify the of the log-in information. Here are some situations where this can be used.

  • When the user mistakenly inputs his or her password five times in a row, causing the account to lock
  • When the administrator has changed the registered email address of the user
  • When the user has forgotten his or her password


* For users who would like to issue their own passwords, see here.
* If the user password email does come, see here.




  • A password reset mail will be sent to each user's registered email address (main address or sub-mail address). The administrator will not receive it.
  • Subject of email sent: Please reset your password




1. Click on "Admin Settings", then on "Add / Change user"


2. Put a check next to the relevant user(s), and click [Reset Password]. The password will be reset and the reset information email will be sent.


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