Scanning business cards

After you finish setting up the tablet PC and the scanner, get started scanning! To get the most out of Sansan, it is most important to first get your business cards changed into data.Get into the habit of scanning business cards after you receive them. Here we will show you how to scan your business cards.


Main point

Select the input language, and then scan.




1. Set the business cards in the scanner.

Set the card in the scanner with the side you want changed into data facing you .


2. Select your name on the tablet PC.

Select your name and your department.


If you cannot find your name, press "Search by name" and a keyboard icon will come up.


Press the keyboard icon, and input your name. You can find it easily.


3. Select input language.

Press "Select". You can select  the input language. Click here to read more.


4. Add additional information.

According to your needs, you can use "Date received", "Attach tags", "Detailed options"

"Date received"

  • Using the calendar icon, you can choose the date received.
  • If you have the date received handwritten on the card, select "Prioritize handwritten date".

*As handwritten dates can be difficult to read, we will make our best effort to transcribe them correctly. Proper ways to write dates are described in the input rules. Log into Sansan for PC, and look at Input Rules at the bottom of the screen. If there is no handwritten date, the date displayed on the screen will be used as the input date.

"Attach tags"
You can add existing tags or create a new tag to add.

"Detailed options"
You can set "Importance" and "Automatically send to Salesforce".


5. Start scanning

When you press "Start scanning", the scanning will start. The data fro the scan will automatically be sent to the Sansan server three minutes later.Until the data is sent, you can cancel it or change the settings. To cancel, see here.

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