How to do device settings (ONKYO)

Here we will show you how to do the set up for ONKYO Tablet PC.


Device image (Hardware connection diagram)

1. Scanner
2. Electric adapter (for scanner)
3. Electric cable (or scanner)
4. USB cable for the Tablet PC
5. Table PC
6. Electric adapter (for Table PC)
7. Electric cable (for Table PC)
8. **USB connection LAN adapter
 (Unnecessary if you are using wireless LAN. However, please do not lose it.)
9. Tablet PC cradle (stand for PC)


1. Connect the electric cable for the Tablet PC and the Scanner.


2. Connect the Tablet PC and Scanner with a USB cable for PC.
 There are two USB ports on the left side of the Tablet PC. The USB port of the Scanner is on the back.


3. Connect the LAN cable to the Tablet PC.
 After connecting the attached LAN adapter to the USB port of the Tablet PC, attach the LAN cable.


4. Turn on the power for the Tablet PC. The power button is on the back in the upper right.
 The PC is set to auto-log on when it is turned on.
 *The Windows account name will be either "Sansan" or "Profiler". No password has been set.


5. Turn on the power of the Scanner.
There is no switch for the Scanner; it is turned on by opening the cover.
When the power is turned on, the light in the image below will light up blue.

(For S1500)                     (For S510)


6. When the powering up is complete, the screen of the Scanner App will come up.
 Once the Scanner App screen comes up, please move ahead to the settings for the internet connection.
If with wired LAN you are using DHCP (Automatic IP address retrieval), in the lower left of the Scanner App "Connected" will be displayed. When "Connected" is displayed, the set up is complete.


Connecting to the internet

Once the devices are set up and the Scanner App is on, connect to the internet and get started scanning business cards!
For connecting to the internet, use the page below in accordance with your company's environment.


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