How to set fixed IP addresses (for Windows 8)

Here we will explain how to set fixed IP addresses for tablet PCs if necessary.
We recommend using a hardware keyboard for inputting IP addresses. Please use one if you have one.



If the scanner app is open, please close it.
From the upper right of the main screen, click on the "Close" button. The closing options will be displayed, so please press "Close the program".


1. From the right end of the screen, swipe in the menu, and click on "Settings"


2. Click on "Control panel"

3. Click on "Network and Internet"


4. Click on "Change adapter settings"


5. For wired connections select "Internet", for wireless connections select "Wi-fi", and then click on "Change setting of this connection".
 Select "Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP v4)", then click on "Properties".
*If the internet icon does not come up, please disconnect the PC from the docking station and then reconnect.

6. Set each field, and then click the "OK" button. The settings are now complete.
 To open the scanner app, double click on the scanner app icon.


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