FAQs (Are you having any problems doing these things?)



Logging in, passwords

Q : I cannot log in/ My account is locked. What should I do?

Please have a password reissued.

Q : I had a password reissued, but I did not receive the email.

Any of the following could be the cause of this:

  • Your email address and the email address you registered in Sansan are different.
  • The password email is being sorted as spam by your email software.
  • Your server may be handling this email as spam.


Q : I cannot find my account information email / I deleted the account information email.

Please have a password reissued.


Scanning business cards

Q : The tablet PC or scanner are not working properly. What should I do?

First of all, please try disconnecting and reconnecting all the cables.

Q : How can I scan undersized business cards?

Put the undersized business card into the clear file on the side of the scanner, and then scan them in together.

Q : How can I get out cards that got stuck while scanning?

To the right of the scanning entrance is a lever. Pull that towards you, and the cover will open. Then take out the business card.

Q : I mistakenly scanned a business card. Can I cancel or delete this?

  • If the business card image has not been sent yet (directly after scanning)
    With the initial settings, you can cancel sending within three minutes after you scan the card. From the upper right of the tablet screen, tap "List of unsent cards", and delete the business card data there. If you scanned the card with your mobile phone, you cannot erase it.
  • If the business card image has already been sent
    Cancelling sending (erasing) cannot be done. Log in to Sansan for PC, and after the card has been digitized, delete it as necessary.


Q : User names or department names are not reflected onto the scanner app. How can I get them to show up?

It may be that the scanner app has not synchronized with the system server. From the upper right of the tablet PC, press "Sync".

Q : On the lower left of the Scanner app, "Not connected" appears. What should I do?

  1. Press "Sync" on the Scanner app.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the cables, and then try rebooting the tablet PC.


Q : How can I get a handwritten date on the card to be used as the date received?

From "3. Select date received", put a check in "Use handwritten dates first".

Q : How can I check how many cards have been scanned?

You can see the number of cards scanned from the tablet PC screen.
Caution: The count on the tablet PC does not reflect instantly. Before you start scanning, please check how many cards you have scanned and what your monthly limit is.


Changing into data, input

Q : The input results of the business card were not what I thought they should be. Is this an input mistake?

In many cases the input may have been done correctly according to the input rules. Please check our public input rules.

Q : In the business card data, the character "●" shows up. What is this? How can I correct this?

  • This black circle is used when the input staff could not read a character or if the character was not one that could be input with the Chinese character code being used.
  • To correct this, go to "BizCards", "Advanced", "Others", "Non-enterable character "●"", and search for them.



Business card registration, correction, searches

Q : Can I change the date received of a business card?

Within three minutes of scanning the card, you can change this from the tablet PC. After the image has been sent, you can correct it from Sansan for PC.

Q : Can I replace business card images?

You cannot just replace business card image. If the name of the person and the email address is the same on two business cards, the card with the more recent date received will be displayed, so this can act as a replacement. The old business card will not be deleted. It will simply be hidden behind the newer one.

Q : I would like to make a business card received by another person one of my business cards. How can I do this?

You can scan the same card twice, or input the business card information to create a new business card. If you use the copy function for a business card, it is easy to create a new business card.

Q : How can I search for business cards held by other users?

From the top of the business card management screen, click on the section that says "Holder". The names of other users or "All" will be displayed, so choose one of these, and then do the search.

Q : If I could not receive a business card, is there a way to register client information without scanning?

You can create a new business card on the screen. Also, if you have a lot of customer data in Excel or the like, you can do an import of this data.

Q : How can I correct multiple business cards at once (for date received, public/private level)?

From the "BizCards" screen, select the cards to be corrected, and then click on "Edit Cards" and do the correction.

Q : I did a search for a card but could not find it. What should I do?

Here are some possibilities of what might be happening:

  • Search conditions are incorrect
    Try searching by "Writtend Date".
  • The card has been recognized as the same person of another card
    The user who scanned the card should log in, and search for cards that have been recognized as the same person.
  • The card is in cards that could not be read.
  • The card is set as private.
  • The card has already been deleted.


Q : I searched for an English business card, but could not find it. What should I do?

Please try the following.

  • Try searching without putting a space between the names.
  • Search by telephone number or email address.
  • Try searching by "Writtend Date".
  • The user who scanned the card should log in, and search for cards that have been recognized as the same person.


Q : How can I check who deleted business cards and when they did it?

Unfortunately there is no way to check the log of business card deletions. Any user with permission to update all data can delete business cards held by other users. If necessary, please reconsider what permissions are given to which people.


Recognition as same person

Q : When will the recognition as same person process finish?

This process is done after the cards have been changed into data. It may take some time for this process to complete, so please be aware of this. We are unable to provide estimates as to when this process will complete.

Q : Business cards that should have been recognized as the same person automatically have not been recognized yet. What should I do?

  • Please check to see if these cards satisfy the conditions for recognition as same person. For more information, see here.
  • After scanning the card, please wait for about one week.
  • If the card is not recognized after that amount of time:
    Correct one of the following items of one of the cards, and then save it. The recognition as same person process will start again.
    • Company
    • Name
    • email1
    • URL1
    • Address1 Prefecture
    • Address1 City
    • Address1 Street
    • Address1 Zip Code



Tags (Business card classification)

Q : How can I use tags?

You can use tags to manage cards by information that is not on the business cards themselves, such as industry, seminar participant, or greeting card list.
For more information on how to use them, see here.

Q : Can I change the display order of tags?

This cannot be done. They are displayed in order of the character encoding in both Sansan for PC and the scanner app. If you have a tag you use often, you can place a number at the front of the name to change the order they are displayed in.
For example

  • 01_Personnel introductions, temp staff
  • 02_Real estate
  • 03_Manufacturing
  • 04_IT


Q : How many tags can I create or attach?

There is no limit. There is also no limit to the number of tags that can be attached to one card.

Q : What is the name to the right of the tag name on the Tag management screen?

This is the person who made the tag, the owner.

Q : If I added the wrong tag when scanning card, what should I do?

From the Business card details screen, you can replace tags attached.

Q : Why can I not add or edit tags from the Tag management screen?

The problem may be that generation of dialog boxes has been turned off. Please restart the browser, and try doing it again.

Q : How can I check the log of who has used tags?

Unfortunately there is no way to check this kind of log. We appreciate your understanding.


Bulk email delivery

Q : If there are two of the same business cards, will two separate emails be sent?

In the initial settings, only one email will be sent. If the same email address is found, the information with the more recent date received will be used for sending. However, if the date received is the same or not set, there is no way to select which card will be used for sending. If there are multiple business cards of the same person, and you would like to specify which one you would like to send to, remove the tag from the card you would not like to send to.

Q : Where can I see emails that have been sent?

These can be checked from "Sent Mails".

Q : If there is a person I do not want to send emails to, what should I do?

You can set this through "Manage Filters". You can set email addresses or company names as "Do not send" for addresses that were rejected or for rival companies, or the like.

Q : After sending a bulk email delivery, if an email was sent to an email address that was registered as "Delivery rejection" in filter management, what should I do?

The following may be the cause of this.

  • Email is being sent to an address set as "Rejected Email" in the recipient options
  • The email is being forwarded from a different email address
  • There is a mailing list as recipient, but "Rejected Email" list has an individual email address.


Q : Can I choose multiple tags to be the recipient of a bulk email delivery?

No, you cannot. Only one tag can be set to be the recipient.

Q : How do I do bulk email delivery?

This can be done from "Email", "Compose". For more details, see here.

Q : Is there a way I can use Sansan to send greeting cards or greeting emails?

You can download the list for greeting cards, and then print them. You can use bulk email delivery to send greeting emails.


Reports (Keeping and managing records of discussions held)

Q : If an account is deleted, will the internal attendee on the contact report also be deleted?

Text information of an internal attendee will remain. However, this cannot be displayed as the result of a search. If you would like to check internal attendees, please download the data and check it on Excel.
* Permission is required to download data.

Q : I cannot receive contact report emails registered by other users. What should I do?

If the contact report emails do not arrive, please check the following:

  • If the contact reports email is not going into your spam folders
  • If your email server is not blocking these emails

You can also see the contact report by searching from the contact report list. Please try this as well.


Opportunities (Managing prospects)

Q : Can I Import the deals that were managed on Excel before?

Deals cannot be registered by import. Please register them one by one.

Q : Can I download total results?

These cannot be downloaded. If you need to print them, please do a screenshot.

Q : Can I do a search across different "Opportunity Master"?

Searches can be done for necessary items across masters. However, this cannot be done for custom items.
(Necessary items) Deal name, Account, Representative, Date registered, Created by, Date updated, Deal ID, People involved

Q : I get the message "You do not have permission to use the opportunities functions." for deal management functions. What should I do?

An administrator can give permission for this from "Admin Settings", "Add/Change User".



Q : Is there a way to specify tags or addresses or other conditions and then download the data?

Yes. First of all, use Advanced search to specify conditions, and then to a data download.

Q : Why are there blanks in the data I downloaded?

If "Reports History" is an item for download, there will be blank lines in the data. If you remove "Contact history" from the items selected, you can download business card data without blank lines.

Q : When I open the downloaded file in Excel, the results are calculated. What should I do?

If business cards containing telephone numbers abroad are downloaded, and then this is opened in Excel, the numbers will be read as formulas and not be displayed properly.

Q : What are VP and CP?

VP stands for View Points, and every time a screen of a business card is viewed by someone besides the holder, one point is added to this. This shows how much other users are using this card, or how interested other users are in this card.

CP stands for Contact Points. These are calculated based on how and how often you contact someone. For all people displayed in the organization tree, you can see to what degree people in your company have contacted them.

Q : I tried to download business cards, but was told I do not have permission to do so. What should I do?

From "Admin Settings", "Add/Change User", give the permission to "Download Cards, Reports". You can select to give permission to either download "My Data" or "All Data".

Q : How can I download business card information?

From the "BizCards" screen, select business cards you would like to download, and then press the download button. For more information, please see here.

Q : The characters of the file I downloaded are garbled.

This may happen if you are downloading Chinese-language business cards or are using an English-language version of Microsoft Office.

Q : The download file I am trying to create does not become complete. What should I do?

When many companies that use Sansan's service in large numbers try to "Create download files", the time waiting for this process to start may continue, and from when the download was planned to when the file creation starts can take much longer than usual. Please patiently wait for this process to finish.

Q : We would like to check if a user in our company who resigned has downloaded business card data.

Unfortunately there is no way to check a log of when data was downloaded. If this user can still log in, the date the file was made can be checked from the List of created files.


Import Card Data

Q : What is the "User ID" in the import format?

This is an ID to specify which account data to be imported should be connected to.

Q : If import cards, will they write over existing business cards with the same names?

They will not write over existing cards. New cards will be created.

Q : How can I import business card information?

A system administrator can do this from "Admin Settings", "Import Card Data".

Q : Can I import a customer list that I was managing on Excel into Sansan?

If you adjust the data to the import format, then it can be imported.

Q : Is there a way to input and create business cards manually?

Yes there is. From "BizCards", "Others", "Create Cards", you can create a business cards.

Q : Can data be moved directly from Eight into Sansan?

Yes. Please use Eight linking. For more details, see here.



Q : Why am I not receiving "HR Changes"?

"HR Changes" is only sent to people who have the relevant person's business card. Please check if you are satisfying the conditions for this.

Also, "HR Changes" is provided by independent sources, which may not in every case reflect information that appears on that company's website.

Q : I am receiving incorrect "HR Changes". What should I do?

Sansan is displaying information collected from sources that provide "HR Changes" without changing it. Please do any corrections on your side.

Q : I am receiving double copies of "HR Changes". What should I do?

Sansan is displaying information collected from sources that provide "HR Changes" without changing it. If there are doubles of the data from the sources, you may receive double copies of it.

Q : I have collected a lot of "HR Changes". What is the best way to make updates to the business card information?

"HR Changes" were designed to be done as they came out. When there are multiple pieces of news about the same person, please check which one is more recent, and then work from the newest news. In the future, please do updates at the time the news comes out.


Administrator, user administration

Q : When a user is deleted, are their business cards, tags, and contact reports also deleted?

These will be deleted. If you would like to keep the data, please change the holder of the data before you delete it.
* Caution: Data, once deleted, cannot be recovered.

Q : What is "User ID"?

This is an ID used to identify a user.

Q : I cannot add a user. What should I do?

The cause may be any of the following:

  • "User ID", or "Email Address" may already be in use by another user.
    Please register so that there are no doubles.
  • "User ID" you are trying to use was used by another user in the past.
    Please use "User ID" different from any current or past user.
  • The user may already be registered to use the smartphone plan.
    You will need to have this person cancel their smartphone plan. After contacting this user, have them log in to Sansan and cancel their contract from the Contract management screen.
  • Dialog box generation may be turned off on your browser.
    Please restart your browser and try again.


Q : How can I change "User ID"?

You cannot change "User ID". You will need to change holder of business cards.

Q : I would like to move user data because of a resignation, transfer, or change of coverage. How can I do this?

Please replace users.

Q : How can I change the email address for logging in?

This cannot be done by users themselves. An administrator can do this from "Admin Settings", "Add/Change User". After performing the setting, log out of Sansan, and then log in again, and the change will be reflected.

Q : I would like to change user information. How can I do this?

An administrator can do this from "Admin Settings", "Add/Change User". After performing the setting, log out of Sansan, and then log in again, and the change will be reflected.

Q : How can I give permissions to users?

An administrator can do this from "Admin Settings", "Add/Change User". After performing the setting, log out of Sansan, and then log in again, and the change will be reflected.

Q:How can I freeze the account of a user who has resigned?

An administrator can do this from "Admin Settings", "Add/Change User". Please change the email address of the relevant user. After performing the setting, log out of Sansan, and then log in again, and the change will be reflected.

Q:I would like to check if a user who has resigned has accessed Sansan. Is it possible to check the IP address or MAC address of terminals making access?

Unfortunately this kind of access check cannot be done.



Q : Can deleted data (users or business cards) be recovered?

No, once data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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