Common errors that happen in Import Card Data, and how to solve them

When importing business cards, the import begins after all types of file error checks are complete. Here we will explain common questions regarding Import Card Data and how to solve problems.


When checking the file

When checking the file, if an error message comes up on the screen, there is a problem in the file.


Q: The following error occurred. "The file selected is not in CSV format. Please select a file that is in CSV format."


  • The file extension is ".xlsx" (the format for Excel)
    Save the data as a ".csv" format file, and then do the file check again.
  • An English version OS is being used.
    A format other than Shift JIS for the CSV file (UTF-8 format) may have been used when saving. Please check if the import can be done after changing the language setting of Sansan to English.


Q: The following error occurred. "Data format does not match. The first row will be used as the item name. Card holder user ID, company, and last name are required fields."

A: Did you change the item names to different names? Please download the format again, and remake the file.


Q: The following error occurred. "Import data not found."

A: Did you delete the top row (where the items names are) of the format? Please download the format again, and remake the file.


Q: The following error occurred. "Up to 10,000 items can be imported at once."

A: Is the number of rows in the CSV file more than 10,000? If you would like to do a data import of more than 10,000 items, please divide it into groups of less than 10,000 items each and do the processing one group at a time. If the above error comes up even though you have less than 10,000 rows of data, then there is the possibility that in Excel you have some cells with invisible characters in them. Please download the format again, and remake the file.


After you start the file check

After you start the file check, if error messages like those below come up on the screen, then there is a problem in the data inside the CSV file. When you click on the link for "download the file",you can download a CSV file showing which item is causing the error.


When you open the CSV file you downloaded, in the first column there will be a new item, "Error Data", added, as shown below. As in the chart below, for example, you can see that the second row has an error of the User ID of the business card holder. Make corrections for each of the errors, and then check the format again.


Q: The following error occurred. "User ID of business card holder :This User ID cannot be used."


  • Is the specified User ID registered in Sansan?
    Please specify a User ID registered in Sansan.If you input this manually, it is possible that there was an input mistake, so please copy and paste from the "Add / Edit Users" screen.
  • The User name or Email address was input for this.
    Please input the User ID.
  • There is an unnecessary space in the specified User ID.
    Remove the space.
  • A zero "0" is missing from the front of the specified User ID.
    The zero may have been deleted. "Please change the format of the ""Holder ID"" column to ""Text"", reenter the data, and save it. If you open the CSV file after saving it, the zero will be removed again, so after saving, start the import without opening the file."
  • If you cannot solve the problem by doing the above:
    Please download the format again, remake the file, and try the import again.


Q: The following error occurred. "Tag: {XX} characters You can enter up to 50 characters."

A: Are you over the character limit? Check the number of characters, and make them 50 or less. If you add multiple tags, it is necessary to separate them with semicolons. In some cases, commas or two-byte semicolons have been mistakenly used; please check this.


Q: The following error occurred. "email(1): Cannot be recognized as Email"

A: The domain portion of the email address (the part after the @) may contain a capital letter. In Sansan, you cannot have capital letters in any part of the domain of an email address. Please input email addresses in small letters.
Example would not be accepted.


Checking Status after import starts

Q: Stuck in "Waiting for process to start"

A: The time before the import process start will vary based upon the condition (amount of data, etc) of data import processing being done by other users. The process will be done in order, so the ""Waiting for process to start"" status may continue for a while. Please wait until the process starts. As the process will continue from "Waiting for process to start" until "Import Complete", there will be no problem if you do other tasks or log out.


Q: "With Errors" is displayed

A: In this situation, when the import is complete, there was data that could not be imported because of errors. In the notification email, there will be information about the number of data items that had errors. A list of data that had errors can be downloaded as a list from the ""Error data"" item.


FAQs for data after import is completed

Q: Specified items cannot be imported

A: The item names of the import format have been changed or item name is not same as it in the latest format. Please download the format again, remake the file, and try the import again.


Q: Imported tags have not been registered


  • Shared tags were not made in advance or specified tags are not refferred by card data owner becouse of access priviledge. Those (specified) tags are created as private tag of card data owner. Please edit the public/private level of tags as necessary. Also, if you would like to make multiple tags into one tag, do a search with the tags as a condition, and add a new tag to the search results.
  • When multiple tags were specified for the import, they were separated by commas or two-byte semicolons. If you wish to specify multiple tags, it is necessary to separate them by semicolons. If commas or two-byte semicolons are used, they will not be recognized as separators, and thus they will be read as one long tag name with the commas or semicolons inside, and this will be created as a private tag of the holder. If it is necessary to readd tags, please separate them with semicolons and then do the import.
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