When scanning, an error message saying "Power of the ScanSnap has been cut off" comes up (HP, Dell)

Here we will show what to do when a message saying "Power of the Scan Snap has been cut off" comes up when scanning.

1. Please check if the Scanner power light is on.
If the power light is not on, please disconnect and reconnect the power cables to the outlet.

2. Please disconnect and reconnect the various cables of the Tablet PC.
* Please try connecting the USB to a different port.
Please check if the Docking Station (stand) light is on.

3. Exit the Scanner App, and from the taskbar on the lower right, check to see if the letter S inside a triangle has a red line going through it.
If there is no red line, then there may be a connection, so please try scanning again.

4. If you still cannot solve this
Push either the Windows start button (Window icon) or the button outside the Tablet PC screen in the lower middle, and the start screen will be displayed. Then do the following.

(A) HP: If there are 5 or 6 icons
Swipe from the right to the left.
Click on the white arrow with the circle around it in the lower left.

Swipe from right to left. You will move to the next page,Click on "Scansnap manager support tool" (This is an icon shaped like a person).

(B) HP/Dell: If there are 10 or more icons displayed
Swipe from right to left. You will go to the next page, so click on the "Scansnap manager support tool" mark shaped like a person.
"After clicking on the Scansnap manager support tool, a pop-up will come up.
Click on ""Repair (All programs)""."
A different pop-up screen, "User account control" will come up; please select "Yes".
A different pop-up screen, "Repair Scansnap connection" will come up; please select "Run".
The check will start.


5. If there is a connection

Close and open the cover of the Scanner.
If there is no red line through the mark with the S in a triangle, the Scanner has been recognized. Please try scanning again.
If you still cannot connect, please try disconnecting and reconnecting the cables and restarting the Tablet PC again.

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