Smartphone Application crashes (stops) on Galaxy S4 SC-XX (SC04E,etc) devices

 If you are using the Smartphone Application on SCxx (for example, SC04e) devices, the Smartphone Application may crash in some cases.

From your Android device, click on the link "Enable avoidance" below.

Enable avoidance


* Do not input this URL directly into the browser. Please tap on this link from the browser.
After tapping this link from the device, the Android app will come up, and "Settings have been reflected" will be displayed.

* As part of this control, image retrieval from lists will be turned off.

* This link can be tapped by devices other than the SC-04E, and if this is done, image retrieval from lists will be turned off.
(If you have turned this off accidentally, tap on "Disable avoidance" and you can undo the change.)


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