Changing company names or addresses on multiple business cards at once


Here we will show how to change the information of multiple business cards at once for a company that is changing its name or address when moving. When making large changes to company names or addresses, we recommend appointing one person to be in charge of it.

1. Receive notification 2. Appoint person in charge 3. Person in charge makes changes


Flow and functions used

From the "Home" business card search panel, change the range of the search for "Holder" to "All", and search for business cards of the target company. A list of the search results containing the business cards to be changed will be displayed. Put a check next to the relevant business card (select "All"). Push the "Edit Cards" button, and from the "Edit Cards" screen, select the items to be changed, and input the new values for those items.


Flow Functions used Note
Step1. (5 minutes)
Search for the name of the target company
  For the range of the search, specify "All" for "Holder.
Step2. (5 minutes)
Change the infomation
Correct multiple business cards

"If correcting business card information held by other users, it is necessary to have permission to update all data."