Checking connections with companies


The connections your company has through business cards received from other companies can be viewed in Sansan from the "Company master". Even when your offices are far from each other, you can smoothly share information with the Company master, and approaching a client systematically becomes possible. Also, if you look at departments in companies that you have not approached yet, you can use this to plan strategies for which departments to target next.

1. Check the Company Master 2. Share information 3 Plan your strategy 4 Do sales


Flow and functions used

From the business card search result list from Home, click on the company name, and the Company master will come up. From the right of the screen, the Organization Tree, business card list, Report list, and Opportunity list can be viewed, and with this you can check what kind of approaches were done in the past. Use the Company master for strategy meetings, and let it make your sales more effective.


Flow Functions used Note
View the Companymaster and share infomation.

Company master

You can check the connections you have by viewing the Organization Tree, Reports, and Opportunities all together.

Plan your strategy

Please view the Company master for each company, print them, or project them onto screens, and use them in your strategy meetings.

Do sales

Based on what you did in the first two steps, carry out your sales strategies